High Speed Roll Up Doors

High Speed Roll Up Doors For Quick Operations

High speed roller shutters are one of the advanced technologies in the roller shutter industry. Experience the best of it with the UK Roller Shutter.


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High Speed Roller Doors in London

Any product that operates quickly has several advantages. The same is true for roller shutters, and high speed roller doors are included in the same group. Quick rolling shutters open and close three times faster than normal rolling shutters. What goods that hold for you?

Quick Mechanism

Quick Mechanism

High speed shutters are known for their quick operations. A reliable and efficient high speed shutter door functions at the speed of 2-2.5 metres per second. The quickly opening and closing mechanisms significantly reduce the time workshop doors remain open. It can curtail energy loss by preventing outside airflow from infiltrating the workspace. This not only ensures a stable and clean internal environment but also boosts overall energy efficiency.

Perfect for High Traffic

Perfect for High Traffic

These shutters are ideal for the spaces with high traffic flow like shopping malls or airports. High speed shutters manage to control the pedestrian traffic more efficiently. These work best in crowded spaces. Its springless design and high galvanised steel material component makes it easy to open and shut with lightning fast speed.

High Insulation

Maintains Insulation

The high speed shutters are one of the perfect solutions for maintaining high insulation levels. Think about it, you have installed air conditioning at your place, you do everything to maintain the insulation. The high speed doors do not let the conditioned air to travel in and out of the premises.

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We Install High Speed Roll Up Doors for Safety!

To maintain the highest degree of safety, we use cutting-edge technologies and adaptable curtain designs for installation of high speed roller doors in London. Our quick rolling shutters improve pedestrian and operator safety when handling products and equipment.

Our primary concern is safety, and we build our shutters with that in mind. Business properties are frequently targeted for theft or natural disaster damage. High speed shutters are the ideal solution for preventing damage and loss from such incidents.

Our rolling shutters are constructed of strong materials such as steel or aluminium. These material compositions make it difficult for trespassers to pass through and cause harm. At the same time, quick roll up doors protect corporate buildings and assets against natural disasters and accidents.

High Speed Roll Up Doors for Safety
High Speed Roller Shutter Door

Witness the Best High Speed Roller Shutter Door

We install high speed roller doors to fulfil your company’s operational goals. Install them in your commercial area to cut total energy and operational expenditures, manage traffic patterns, and improve company operations.

UK Roller Shutter provides high-performance quick industrial shutters that assure safety, dependability, and longevity. We have refined our installation practices throughout the years in order to improve efficiency.

Our high speed doors and shutters are perfect for high-traffic industries such as warehousing, manufacturing, and logistics.


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UK Roller Shutter provides high-quality roller shutters at reasonable costs, with an emphasis on quality. We also provide exceptional repair, installation, and maintenance services.

A reliable and efficient high speed shutter door functions at the speed of 2-2.5 metres per second. These shutters are made to ensure quick operations.

The first purpose is to ensure security, protecting against accidents, theft, or vandalism. These safeguard your possessions and goods, saving you a lot of money.