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We love the spirit of London, the cosy weather, lovely landscape, and the beautiful people of London. We,at UK Roller Shutter, serve the city with our reliable roller shutter installation, repair, service, maintenance, and replacement services.

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    What Makes Us Professional Roller Shutter Services?

    From installation, repair, maintenance to replacement, we cover it all. We put our best efforts to upscale the spirit of this beautiful capital city. London has been our favourite, to the core. We do not boast about ourselves, but our service quality tells it all.

    We offer complete and guaranteed-satisfaction for our services, and that’s not it, we are available 24/7 to ensure that you get the best, under the most affordable prices. When it comes to delivering the most reliable roller shutter repair, installation, maintenance and replacement services, our technicians are best in class.

    If you are facing any problem with your roller shutters, be it perforated, aluminium, electric, or steel roller shutter, without further ado, connect with us. We are as fast as the lighting; we deliver a quick and reliable solution the moment you knock on our doors.

    Our technicians undergo annual training with an aim to enhance the reliability of the shutter solutions. The training focuses on imparting the knowledge, for the latest and industry-specific tools and technicians to deliver the best possible solution to the clients.


    Aluminium Roller Shutter

    Perforated Roller Shutters

    Connect with UK Roller Shutter for top-notch installation services for various kinds of roller shutters.

    Are you looking for roller shutters that offer long-term durability, security & value?

    Maximise the Security with Solid Roller Shutter

    The moment you install the roller shutter and build the strongest materials like steel or aluminium, you get to witness the strength. When it comes to roller shutter repair in London, the solid roller shutter might seem like a difficult product to deal with. On the contrary, it is easy to use and repair. Such shutters come with an extra layer of the strongest material to confront the damage.

    • Difficult to break-in
    • Keeps the dust and other harmful particles away
    • Maintains hygiene
    • Highly insulative
    • Reduces noise pollution
    • Acts as a productivity enhancer

    Perforated Roller Shutter for your Retail Store

    If you are a business owner; particularly a retail store like a fashion outlet or shopping mall, then the perforated roller shutter is the ideal shutter. These are more inclined towards presenting the inventory even when the shop is closed. It acts as a branding tool; the one that works with minimum efforts.

    These shutters are the favourite of every shutter repair in London, as these are easy to repair and maintain. Additionally, perforated shutters are more tough than you think. The rectangular-shaped holes can make them look less tough, but these are hard as a rock. These are also a great security tool, as it allows the security guards to keep a watch from inside and outside the business premises.

    Punched Roller Shutter - For More Airy Space

    That’s right! Punched roller shutters look exactly the way you think. These shutters have punched holes, which allow the high intake and outflow of the air, thus ventilating the premises. Punched shutters help to manage and save a lot of money on energy costs. Apart from saving the electricity bill, it saves from potential theft, as it allows clear vision for the security guards and the staff of the store to take appropriate action before any damage.

    If you are looking for a 24/7 hour roller shutter installation service, then UK Roller Shutter is the place to be. Install the punched roller shutter to make your place more pleasing.


    Talk to us about the perfect roller shutters for your needs!


    Electric Roller Shutters for Seamless Operations

    Electric roller shutters work the best when installed from a reliable service. As the name suggests, these shutter runs on electric power and operates as per your command. The operation mode is automatic, thus you do not have to worry about pulling the lever to open or shut the shutter. Such shutters help to save a lot of energy but it can get heavy on the pocket. The electric ones are more quick, and ensure maximum security against any kind of theft or damage.

    But everything can go fine; you get to save a lot, and burn less energy after you connect with roller shutter repair near me. Make your place more secure and safer, install the electric shutter now! Explore our installation services, give us a call!

    Safeguard your Vehicles with Garage Roller Shutters

    Garages are the most important part of the house, and the vehicles are vital among all. They need due protection from theft, vandalism, or damages from unfavourable climatic conditions. For such requirements, a garage roller shutter comes as the right solution.

    A right garage shutter can help to protect your valuable assets in the garage. We, at UK Roller Shutter are renowned to provide the best and quick installation, repair and replacement services.


    We are the Prime Roller Shutter Services. Connect with us and witness the reliable services.


    UK Roller Shutter - Leading Roller Shutter Services

    If you live in or around London and are looking for reliable services that can install, repair, maintain, service and replace your roller shutters, then you already know the right one. We, at UK Roller Shutter deliver the best services with total worth. Connect now for the satisfactory roller shutter repair in London.

    Reach the Uk Roller Shutter London service now for any inquiry, follow us on all social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram,  and Twitter.

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    The Shutter Installation process is simple and straightforward. We will first conduct a site survey to assess the size and type of roller shutter required, then we will provide you with a free quotation. Once you have accepted our quotation, we will arrange a suitable time to carry out the installation. The installation itself will usually take less than a day. We will work quickly and efficiently to minimize any disruption to your property. Once the work is complete, we will test the roller shutter to ensure it is functioning correctly.


    We are a professional Roller Shutter Services company that specializes in roller shutter repair. No matter what problem you’re experiencing with your roller shutter, we can help. We have a team of experienced professionals who are knowledgeable in all aspects of roller shutter repair. From simple issues like replacing worn-out parts, to more complex problems like repairing damaged motors, we can do it all.

    Are you looking for roller shutters that offer long-term durability, security & value?



    From emergency to appointment-based, we provide every kind of service you need. Facing an emergency? Connect with us, we are just a call away.

    We keep our customers on top of your priority list. Considering the same, we deliver the roller shutter installation and repair services under the fairest prices. We deliver the worth.

    Yes, totally! We do not bother your property while installing or repairing the roller shutters. We hate mess, we deliver our services with zero-mess and full customer satisfaction.