Fire Rated Roller Shutter

Find out what fire-rated roller shutters are and why you should use them. Read the blog to find out why the installation of these roller shutters matters.

Are you looking for a fire-rated roller shutter? Do you want to know what they are before buying them? Why invest in a fire-rated roller shutter in London?

If these are the questions troubling you then you are at the correct place. Continue reading to learn all about fire-rated roller shutters. Additionally, learn about the best fire-rated shutter service in London. 

As the name suggests, a roller shutter protecting an organization’s space and workforce from fire accidents is termed fire-rated. 

It is a thick sheet acting as a barrier of resistance between the fire and the boundary of your premises. The material sheet is like armour offering long-lasting protection against fire where it is installed.

Does it safeguard your premises from fire? Yes. But it does more than that.

It is a complete security mechanism in itself. Ensuring the safety of people behind the shield, it also safeguards assets inside the premises. As a result, it also restricts hot air and fire particles from entering the premises from the outside.

They promise security assurance to not just people inside the premises but also on the outside. The fire resistance of the thick material sheet also keeps the fire in the premises from spreading outside. It minimizes the damage as well as any other security measure in place could.

These shutters are a foolproof solution against fire accidents. Their workings depend a lot on fire-rated shutter installation service as well. Have your fire-rated shutter installed in London from the best installation services. 

A good service and installation ensure these fire roller shutters reach their full potential. The installation if undertaken efficiently can improve the performance of the shutter. With the right installation process and mechanism, the security level of the shutter improves to better levels.

Why Use a Fire Resistant Roller Shutter In Your Premise?

Using a fire-rated roller shutter adds a protection factor for your organization. It does more than save lives. Reasons to install a fire-rated shutter in your premises are:

  • The fire-rated shutters are unified with the already existing fire systems in place. This ensures zero damage and loss of life in case of a fire accident. For this, a reliable installation service is necessary to ensure the right integration with the fire system. 
  • The common resistance level of the fire roller shutter ranges from around 60 minutes to 240 minutes. 
  • It acts as a protective shield against fires from outside as well as from inside. It stops hot air and fire particles from going inside or outside to control the fire. 
  • It buys the occupants of the premises some time to escape the premises in case of fire. Accidents do happen oftentimes and saving lives is more important than anything else. Every extra second counts when running for one’s life in a fire accident.
  • It also restricts the flames of the fire from spreading inside the organization’s premises. Installation plays a big role in restricting the flames.
  • These shutters not only stop fires or save lives but also save organizations. Accidental fires are lawsuits waiting to happen, adding to that a loss of life. It can become a nightmare for an organization, but these roller shutters are a simple way out of such nightmares.

Where to Install these Fire Roller Shutters?

These roller shutters can be installed anywhere. They are seen in a shop, a warehouse, or even a company building. Some specific locations are kept in mind while installing them like:

  • Exits- the exits and entrances of a premise are a perfect place for installing these shutters. They maintain the premise boundary with fire-rated steel doors.
  • On top of shutters- fire shutters are an enhanced way of protecting commercial counters which are usually a source of weakness. 
  • Special areas- equipment breakdowns may cause flames which can spread to adjacent locations. Installed between the maintenance facilities for protection, they stop the spreading of fire.

Hence, the fire-rated roller shutters in London if installed correctly can maximize their potential by maximising their worth. They maintain continuing protection from fire because their structure is made of fireproof or fire-retardant material. 

As a result, they not only save the workforce and assets inside the premises but also save everyone outside.

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